Partner with HistoriCorps

Partner with HistoriCorps

Partner With HistoriCorps to Meet Your Preservation Goals

HistoriCorps accepts Project Inquiries on a rolling basis.

All are welcome to submit inquiries.

Please note:

1. We are a non-profit partner. HistoriCorps is dedicated to teaching and training a workforce of volunteers, students, and youth corps members through hands-on projects that accomplish preservation goals. We want to work with partners who embrace the HistoriCorps model of significant volunteer engagement.

2. We do not provide funding for projects. HistoriCorps’ strengths are in project management, volunteer recruitment and training, and hands-on preservation. Project partners are responsible for funding and permitting projects. However, we can provide project information to support grant applications and our in-kind, non-cash contributions on each project typically amount to 25% of the total project value.

3. All HistoriCorps projects are “for public benefit,” meaning that the project sites are on public lands or are open to the public. Public agencies and non-profit organizations are encouraged to submit project inquiries. We do not work on private homes.

4. Every project is unique! HistoriCorps is well prepared to work on a wide range of project types. Our Project Managers work closely with each partner to develop a scope of work and project budget, and they support the project at every step. Our Workforce Manager coordinates volunteers, students, and youth corps from across the U.S. to build capable crews. Our expert Field Staff lead volunteers through all the technical steps to preserve historic buildings.

5. In particular, we welcome any opportunity to preserve and protect stories that have been underrepresented in public historic preservation work in the US. Please let us know if your project site shares the histories of BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ individuals and communities. HistoriCorps is an equal opportunity provider.

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