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November 29 is the last chance to sign up for 2022 HistoriClub and be entered in our year-end Gear Giveaway. A membership for just $25 enters you to win over $200-worth of gear! Stay tuned for 2023 HistoriClub Early Bird specials coming in December.

HistoriClub donations go directly to the tools, materials, personal safety equipment and trucks that we rely on to accomplish our mission of engaging volunteers to save historic places for public benefit, all across the United States of America. All HistoriClub donations are tax-deductible. Club memberships expire at the end of the season. Both you and HistoriCorps will receive the most benefit from your donation if you join early!

At all levels, HistoriClub donors receive a personalized thank you card with exciting surprises – and a ton of warm fuzzies to boot!
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Ann Dilcher
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Aislinn Kalob – Barry Girt – Bert Crooks – Bob Powers – Brent J. Martin – Brian J. Brogie – Brook Harris – Cara J. Kopowski – Carolyn Stevens – Cathy Tyndall – Christine Finn – Damon W. Freeman – Danielle Roessle –  David Pheteplace – Dave Salge – David C. Yanoski – David Schweitzer – Debra Mattingly – Dennis McKane – Dwight Cole – Ed Rose – Ed Weitz – Ed Williams – Elaine  Gorman – Eric Hansen – George A. Neal – Gregory Sullivan – Ian Oeser (“IO”) – Jason Wilson – Jack Kuester – Jim Lorenz – Jim M. Redmond – Joanne M. Broady – John  Nuffer – Jay de Wolf – John Lesnak – Joseph Vess – Julia Jones – Karen Bengard – Kathryn Melsted – Kathryn Skinner – Kris Redmond – Kurt E. Olsen – Lance Pritchard – Lynn Abram – Maggie Hayes – Marilyn Rackley – Mark Bahr – Mark Jansen – Mark Lauver – Michael Kaczor – Michael Nagy – Michelle Cox – Nancy Dorman – Neil Urban – Nolan W. Farwell – Pat Kennedy – Pamela Johnston – Patricia Cleveland – Paul Spencer – Peter J. Heide – Richa Wilson – Rick Huls – Rusty N. Burwell – Scott McGuire – Sharon Hill – Shelly Bedell – Steve Harris – Steve Kunkle – Stevon Moser – Takia Gaylord – Theresa Strumpf – Todd Cushman – Tony Stone – Valerie Palluzzi – Vincent Goetz

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David Yanoski – Jane Jackson – Joseph Vess – Julia Jones – Patrick McMillan – Stephen Spanel – Wayne and Christi Herrick