HistoriCorps’ Architectural History team is looking for enthusiastic and curious volunteers to help investigate historic buildings on national forests! This program is well-suited for those pursuing a degree in Historic Preservation or Architecture, but is open to all those interested in developing a unique skill set!

HistoriCorps is helping our national forest partners document and study historic buildings, and what they learn will help forests decide how to best manage these historic properties (including some that might become HistoriCorps preservation projects!). The thing is, there are a lot of historic buildings out there – and the AHP team could really use some help photographing, measuring, and documenting them all.

The best part? Most of these buildings were built in areas of unforgettable scenery, some of which few people have seen since the buildings were in use. Volunteers will enjoy an off-the-beaten-path adventure on these projects!

We’ll release AHP projects as they arise!