Completed Projects

Completed Projects

2022 Completed Projects

Alamosa Guard Station, Rio Grande National Forest, CO

Anderson Ranch House, Anderson Marsh State Historic Park, CA

Bitner Ranch, Bureau of Land Management, NV

Buck Mtn Fire Lookout Tower, Coconino National Forest, AZ

Caldwell Cabin, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, AZ

Camp Horseshoe, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation and Monongahela National Forest, WV

Caribou-Targhee National Forest survey (Ashton-Island Park), Caribou-Targhee National Forest, ID

Caribou-Targhee National Forest survey (Palisades), Caribou-Targhee National Forest, ID

Chenocetah Fire Lookout, Chattahoochee National Forest, GA

Clear Lake Picnic Shelter, Willamette National Forest, OR

Clear Lake Wrap-up, Willamette National Forest, OR

Crandall Ranger Station, Shoshone National Forest, WY

Crescent Moon Ranch Phase III, Coconino National Forest, AZ

Crystal Cove Cabin, National Park Service, MI

Custer Peak Lookout (Job Corps), Black Hills National Forest, SD

Denver Historic Preservation Workforce Training Program, Denver Parks and Recreation, CO

Devils Head Fire Lookout, Pike National Forest, CO

Double Dee Ranch, Shoshone National Forest, WY

Fishlake National Forest Survey, Fishlake National Forest, UT

Forest Lodge,  Chequamegon National Forest, WI

Green Cove Station, George Wasthington- Jefferson National Forest, VA

Hell Canyon Log Cabin and Garage, Black Hills National Forest, SD

Hessie Cabin,  Arapaho-Roosevelt, CO

Homeplace Double Pen House, Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, TN

Hubbell Trading Post, National Park Service, AZ

Hunter Creek Shed, Hunter Creek Hist Society and White River National Forest, CO

Longbow Group Camp, Willamette National Forest, OR

Los Burros Barn,  Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, AZ

Manitou Pavilion Roof,  Pike National Forest, CO

Marion Forks Guard Station, Willamette National Forest, OR

Mathews Guard Station, Bureau of Land Management, OR

Old Brick House,  Old Brick House Foundation, VA

Park Headquarters Ditches, Lassen National Park, CA

Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Hiawatha National Forest, MI

Prairie Creek Fish Hatchery, Redwood National Park, CA

Ryan Ranch, Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Silver Bell Ore Bins, Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Sly Guard Station / Harvey West Cabin, Eldorado National Forest, CA

Twin Lakes Cabin, Lassen National Park, CA

Vincent’s Cabin, Angeles National Forest, CA

White Rock West Shelter, Ozark National Forest, AR

Williams Ranch Barn, Bureau of Land Management, CA

Lemley Mill and Miners Delight Cabin, Bureau of Land Management, WY

2021 Completed Projects

Eagle Cliff Blacksmith Shop, CA (Partner: Joshua Tree National Park and Great Basin Institute – Nevada Conservation Corps)

IOOF Hall, CA (Partner: Marshall Gold State Historic Park)

Mary Jane Dogan House, CA (Partner: Manassas National Battlefield)

Star Terrace, PA (Partner: Grey Towers National Historic Site)

Staunton Cabin, CO (Partners: Friends of Staunton State Park and Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Williams Ranch Barn, CA (Partner: Bureau of Land Management, Applegate Field Office)

Mormon Lake Guard Station, AZ (Partner: Coconino National Forest)

Buck Mountain Fire Lookout Tower, AZ: Phase I (Partner: Coconino National Forest)

Lookout Mountain Picnic Area, CO (Partner: Bureau of Land Management, Grand Junction Field Office)

Denver Workforce Training Program, CO (Partner: Denver Parks and Recreation)

Palace Station, AZ: Phase II (Partner: Prescott National Forest)

Seedhouse Guard Station, CO (Partner: Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest)

Hessie Cabin, CO (Partner: Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest)

Crescent Moon Ranch, AZ (Partner: Coconino National Forest)

Red Mountain Open Space Schoolhouse, CO (Partner: Larimer County Department of Natural Resources)

Hell Canyon Log Cabin and Garage, WY (Partner: Black Hills National Forest)

Calamity Camp, CO (Partner: Bureau of Land Management, Grand Junction Field Office)

Sly Guard Station, CA (Partner: Eldorado National Forest)

Harvey West Cabin, CA (Partner: Eldorado National Forest)

DeChambeau Ranch, CA (Partner: Inyo National Forest)

Bodie State Historic Park Railroad Office (Partner: California State Parks)

Bodie State Historic Park Cain & Fouke Houses (Partner: California State Parks)

Eagle Cliff Blacksmith Shop, CA (Partner: Joshua Tree National Park)

Marshall Gold Discovery Site IOOF Hall (Partner: (Partner: California State Parks)

Lyons Ranches, CA (Partner: Redwood National Park)

Clear Lake Picnic Shelter, OR (Partner: Willamette National Forest)

Santiam Pass Ski Lodge, OR (Partner: Willamette National Forest)

Forest Lodge, WI – Phase X (Partner: Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest)

Los Burros Barn, AZ (Partner: Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest)

Cabot Cabin, NH (Partner: White Mountain National Forest)

Point Iroquois Lighthouse, MI (Partner: Hiawatha National Forest)

Red Oak Fire Lookout, WV (Partner: Monongahela National Forest)

Lake Wedington Summer Camp, AR (Partner: Ozark-St. Francis National Forest)

Longbow Group Camp, OR (Partner: Willamette National Forest)

Teepee Work Center, WY (Partner: Black Hills National Forest)

IOOF Cabins, OR (Partner: Deschutes National Forest)

Senter Point Powderhouse, MI (Partner: Isle Royale National Park)

2019 Completed Projects

Alamosa Guard Station, CO (Partner: Rio Grande National Forest)

Alderfer Barn, CO (Partner: Evergreen Parks and Recreation)

Bodie-Benton Railroad Office, CA (Partner: Bodie Foundation and California State Parks)

Brolliar Park Cabin & Mormon Lake Guard Station, AZ (Partner: Coconino National Forest)

Camp Silver Creek, OR (Partner: Oregon State Parks, Silver Falls State Park)

Camp Wakonda Directors Cabin (Partner: New York State Parks, Harriman State Park)

Dodge Lodge, CO (Partner: Jeffco Public Schools and the Mount Evans Outdoor Lab)

Forest Lodge, WI (Partner: Chequamegon National Forest)

Harkness Peak Fire Lookout Tower, CA (Partner: Lassen Volcanic National Park)

Hog Park Guard Station, CO (Partner: Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest)

Lake Sherwood Picnic Shelter, WV (Partner: Monongahela National Forest)

Laurel Hill State Park Mess Hall, PA (Partner: Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources)

Jamison Barn, CA (Partner: California State Parks, Plumas-Eureka State Park)

Johnson Stagecoach Stop, CO (Partner: Bureau of Land Management, Gunnison Field Office)

Miller Ranch Barn, WY (Partner: US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Elk Refuge)

New Bern Academy, NC Phase I (Partner: Tryon Palace Foundation)

New Bern Academy, NC Phase II (Partner: Tryon Palace Foundation)

North Bloomfield Schoolhouse, CA (Partner: California State Parks, Malakoff-Diggins State Park)

O’Fallon Chimney and Little Park Wellhouse, CO (Partner: Denver Mountain Parks)

Pinedale Ranger Station, AZ (Partner: Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest)

Pruden-McGilvery Cabin, CO (Partner: City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks)

Riverside Kitchen, KY (Partner: Farnsley-Moreman Landing)

Smartsville Church Belltower, CA (Partner: Smartsville Church Restoration Fund, Inc.)

Smuggler’s Notch Fireplaces, VT (Partner: Vermont Forests, Parks, and Recreation)

Soderberg Ranch at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, CO (Partner: Larimer County Open Space)

South Falls Historic District, OR (Partner: Oregon State Parks, Silver Falls State Park)

West Shelter, OR (Partner: Siuslaw National Forest)