Field Staff

Field Staff

HistoriCorps’ field staff travel all across the country to lead crews of volunteers, students, and veterans in the hands-on preservation work that saves historic buildings and structures for public benefit. We have a lot of all-stars on our team. Their skills are as varied as the projects they work on!  They range from passionate experts with over forty years of experience to students just entering the field of preservation.  HistoriCorps field staff include all manner of craftspeople and some of the best outdoor chefs you could ever hope to meet. Field staff don’t only enjoy the preservation work; they are passionate about teaching and guiding the crews of volunteers, students, and veterans on projects.  They make sure that everyone has a hand in saving places for generations to come. 

Would you like to apply for a field staff position? Links to job descriptions are below. 

Project Supervisor

Crew Leader

Project Supervisors

Project Supervisors are the technical preservation experts on a HistoriCorps crew.

They are responsible for everyone and everything related to their respective work sites. 

John has been in the construction industry for approximately thirty years. He is a 2006 graduate of Danville Area College Hands on Preservation Program with emphasis on both preservation techniques as well as social policy. In his professional career John has taken a special interest in wooden window restoration, as well as the replication of wooden components such as trim pieces that are no longer available. Woodworking is his true passion.  In the world of “cookie-cutter” home building John found his skills to be almost redundant. Architectural preservation can be both challenging and frustrating but he feels if we don’t preserve these buildings we will end up in a cookie-cutter society. 

Kyle joined HistoriCorps because the opportunity to teach volunteers about historic preservation in the field could not be passed up, and this season’s projects completely feed his need of adventure in the outdoors. He is a North Bennet Street School alumni and is currently finishing his master’s at the Boston Architectural College in Historic Preservation. Kyle loves traditional building and is really looking forward to leading volunteers this season. He is really excited about getting to camp and work in Bodie as he has fond memories of visiting the ghost town as a kid, and is excited to ensure that a whole new generation of kids gets to see it in all its glory.

Dane has been involved with historic restoration for over forty years and became particularly intrigued by the concept of working on historic structures in areas of the country in which he would not normally be plying his trade. Additionally, he was excited to have the opportunity to experience different building materials and methods used by others. Dane owns his own company, Cowan & Son Construction, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. During his time on the North Coast he taught classes in Historic Restoration and Preservation at The College of the Redwoods in Eureka, CA. During his eleven years there, he trained workers in proper methods and techniques during the historic restoration of the Presidio in San Francisco. Dane always looks forward to giving away all the knowledge he can as well as learning all he can from others.

Steve is an Iowa farm boy, Anthropology student, Gulf of Mexico oil field worker, New Mexico cowboy, Leadville hard rock miner and building contractor, and finally, historic preservation carpenter and Project Supervisor for Historicorps. It only took Steve 45 years to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up. Steve has completed 8 seasons and 32 projects with Historicorps to date!

Patrick Kennedy (foreground in photo) has been involved in hands-on historic building renovation since the early ’70s. He began with residential and commercial buildings in Northern Kentucky and then log buildings. Relocating to central Kentucky in the early ’80s he continued to work on all aspects of the renovation and restoration of historic log and wood frame buildings including window restoration. He accepted a position in 1997 with the Kentucky Heritage Council, the State Historic Preservation Office. He worked there for fifteen years as an adviser for historic building and covered bridge renovations throughout the State.  During his tenure at KHC he set up a nationally recognized hands-on restoration skills program at Pine Mountain Settlement School with major assistance from Bob Yapp. Patrick continues his work in historic preservation as a go-to source for historic building projects, contractor for special preservation projects, instructor at hands on education workshops and demonstrations, and supervisor for HistoriCorps volunteer projects. 

Mike started a historic conservation career in the early 1980s while working with Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks in Maryland. He came from a construction trade background and after attending two Preservation Trades Network conferences he was hooked on preservation.  Having previously attended two trade schools, he received a degree from Goucher College’s Professional Studies in Historic Preservation program and started working for Historic Preservation Specialists, Inc. in Smithsburg, MD. Mike has since taught historic preservation to students and others interested in learning how to care for their homes. This year with HistoriCorps, Mike is looking forward to learning the ways of the West and getting lost on trout streams with a fly rod (and bear spray). He plans to watch many sunrises and learn many new things.

Ryan Prochaska came to HistoriCorps for the opportunity it would give him to work with fellow preservationists and also, in his words, “to travel and enjoy the great outdoors”.  His career in historic preservation has brought together three passions in his life: art, architecture and sustainability.  He firmly believes that by preserving the built environment we can reduce our impact on the environment. Ryan enjoys meeting inspiring people who enjoy the outdoors and love working with their hands.

Basil’s favorite part of working with HistoriCorps is the volunteers. It is wonderful to work with people who are excited to be learning and are optimistic and positive. His areas of expertise are widely varied. He has been involved in many remodels of old houses, new construction, timber framing and various types of masonry. Basil really enjoys preservation of old structures as a learning experience for himself, the volunteer crew and future visitors to our completed projects.

Jonathan was immediately attracted to HistoriCorps due to the combination of remote wilderness sites and preserving historic structures. Having always been in awe of the structures he finds on top of a mountain or miles from any road, let alone a town, it was an easy decision to join a group whose mission is to save these amazing places. When he is not on a HistoriCorps site, you will find Jonathan down by the river or up in the mountains. He is most looking forward to continuing work on projects we began last season, stating that it’s satisfying to watch them move forward year to year. At the same time Jonathan enjoys confronting those unforeseen challenges that are inevitable when you begin working with historic structures.

Crew Leaders

Crew Leaders assist the Project Supervisor, as well as prepare meals for project participants.

Nick was attracted to HistoriCorps because they are a nonprofit with the goal of training people and helping to pass on a passion for preservation. He is looking forward to being immersed in preservation projects, and to learning as much as he can, while also sharing his expertise. Nick is excited to learn about the different project locations and gain hands-on experience. 

Charlotte is a graduate student and preservation enthusiast who will talk about the nerdy details of cultural resource management. She loves that HistoriCorps projects blend outdoor adventures and historic preservation: two of her favorite things! Not only that, these projects make a visible impact on local communities who treasure their unique history.  For her part of the reward is seeing locals, visitors, and staff come together to share a rare experience and learn from one another. Charlotte is particularly looking forward to campfires, evening hikes after work, and meeting new volunteers.

Ethan was excited to join HistoriCorps for the opportunity to save historic resources that might otherwise be overlooked, as well as the chance to live and work outdoors for the summer! His passion for history and the outdoors is what led him to study public history in college with a special focus on historic preservation. Ethan has worked on projects in Madison, Indiana and San Marcos, Texas. He is excited to use his skills in more remote locations. He is most excited to meet and work with volunteers who share his passion and can learn new skills together. 

Spencer joined HistoriCorps as a student, volunteering at the Forest Lodge project in Wisconsin, and immediately fell in love. When she received an email offering a position as a Crew Leader she was over the moon! Spencer loves working with HistoriCorps because she gets to meet all kinds of amazing folks, travel the country, and acquire all sorts of skills she may never have found otherwise! Spencer likes to think that everyone has something valuable to teach others. She loves listening to people’s life adventures and sharing ideas with eager people. Her favorite thing about working with volunteers is building each other up! This year, she is eager to see new places and do things she has never done before. 

Alison is an archaeologist with a passion for historic preservation; get her outside and she’s happy! She is originally from Michigan, but found HistoriCorps while working with the AFHA AmeriCorps Hands On preservation team in partnership projects with the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia. This season she will serve as Crew Leader and Preservation Corps Coordinator. Alison is continually amazed at how many fantastic people she meets on HistoriCorps projects and the breadth of the work they are able to accomplish together.

Kat’s favorite part about working with HistoriCorps is the diversity of projects and the people you get to meet and get to know. She is really thankful to have the opportunity to work in this setting. Kat has a background working trails for the forest service, and as a crew leader for Habitat for Humanity.  She finds her position with HistoriCorps to be an ideal combination of those two fields. It allows her to travel from one beautiful place to the next, to work on one amazing and interesting project after another, to continue to gain knowledge in historic preservation and skills on the building site, and, not least, to meet incredible individuals along the way.  Truly a job that keeps things interesting and exciting!

Blake grew up in New Hampshire where he developed a passion for the outdoors. He spent his time skiing, climbing, hiking, and exploring the White Mountains and Atlantic Coast, becoming a dedicated conservationist at an early age. He received his Master’s in Real Estate and Construction Management from the University of Denver and the Master’s program made him realize that one of the most effective forms of conservation of our natural environment is through the preservation and improvement of our built environment. He is dedicated to finding the most effective means to create a harmonious relationship with a building and the eco-system around it and hopes one day to start a holistic design build company. Blake was drawn to HistoriCorps because it offered an opportunity to combine his love for the outdoors with restoring historic elements of the built environment. He also believes we can improve how we build today by learning how things were done in the past.

Julie holds a Master’s Degree in Historic Preservation from Boston Architectural College. Never one to let the grass grow under her feet, she has also embarked upon a Certificate of Achievement in Heritage Conservation and Construction through the HistoriCorps Institute. Julie first came to HistoriCorps as a volunteer at Summerseat in Virginia in the fall off 2016. Her next experience was at Chester in 2017.  Experience gained on both of those projects, together with the HCI qualification which she plans to complete in 2018, will stand her in good stead as a professional preservationist. Asked to describe what it was like to work in the field with HistoriCorps, Julie’s reply was simple. “It’s great,” she said. “There is a lot of learning that goes on during a project, whether it’s learning by doing, or learning by dealing with different kinds of people. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in historic preservation”.