How to HistoriCorps – Stay Warm When Camping

By Volunteer Eric Ockerhausen There’s nothing like going to sleep under the stars and waking up to incredible sunrises over the mountains. In fact, the experience is one reason lots of volunteers join HistoriCorps projects in the mountains or at high elevation sites. However, one of the main complaints from volunteers new to tent camping [...]

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Ten Years Ago: Recollections from HistoriCorps’ Founders Jonas Landes, Doug Stephens, Terri Leistman, & Ann Pritzlaff

A decade ago, a group of individuals saw a need to create an organization that would utilize a volunteer workforce to save historic places. We spoke with HistoriCorps founders, Doug Stephens and Terri Leistman of the U.S. Forest Service and Jonas Landes and Ann Pritzlaff, both at the time with Colorado Preservation, Inc., to capture [...]

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Why HistoriCorps

By Sarah Scruggs (left) Why HistoriCorps? Why not? There is no reason that I shouldn't or couldn’t do what is asked of me in my time as a volunteer on a HistoriCorps crew; I know how to use tools, I love history and working to preserve an inclusive narrative, I love travelling to new and [...]

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Why HistoriCorps

By Brian Brogie: On a trip last year that took me along the Oregon Trail, I saw many historic structures that were in desperate need of attention. I thought, how sad that we are letting these pieces of history disappear! When I returned, I did some research to find out how I could help preserve [...]

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My HistoriCorps

Take Me Back. Pack. My Love for HistoriCorps and Ongoing Motivation to Contribute HistoriCorps feeds two parts of my soul: the desire for adventure and the desire for human connection. The first is that deep pull to beautiful, wild places where people built something for themselves. It isn’t just the general impressiveness of a wilderness structure but [...]

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A Letter From The Executive Director

Dear HistoriCorps Family & Friends: We send you our best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year from our new Mt. Morrison CCC camp headquarters. We are keeping our fingers crossed that our dedicated, hardworking federal land management agency friends will be allowed to return to work soon to finalize the outstanding projects we have [...]

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