Architectural History Program

WHAT IS THE AHP? HistoriCorps’ Architectural History team, led by Charlotte Helmer and Evan West, is looking for enthusiastic and curious volunteers to help investigate historic buildings on National Forests in Wyoming, Colorado and Oregon this year! Sign up to be notified of volunteer opportunities with the AHP team. The team is helping our [...]

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HistoriCorps Volunteer Code of Conduct

VOLUNTEER CODE OF CONDUCT AND POLICIES Definition of a Volunteer A "volunteer" is anyone who performs a task at the direction of and on behalf of HistoriCorps without compensation. A volunteer must be officially registered by HistoriCorps prior to working on a project. Unless specifically stated, volunteers are not considered as "employees." Code of Conduct As a [...]

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HISTORICORPS VOLUNTEER WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY Revised as of November 2019 STATEMENT OF PURPOSE HistoriCorps conducts a “hands-on” field program in historic preservation, which undertakes rehabilitation projects on buildings situated on publicly accessible lands around the country using a largely volunteer workforce. Since participation in such projects necessarily entails a variety of risks and [...]

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The Fleet Report, #4

You know what's really difficult? Working hard in relaxing places. My community of preservationists and I, Bodie, are here in Southern California, the region that originally combined the words "life" and "style." But as my SoCal guru says, discipline beats motivation any day. And I have discipline - I'm built for it. What, you're [...]

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HistoriCorps to Open East Coast Office

At the end of 2016, HistoriCorps was awarded a $300,000 grant by the Cameron Foundation to continue work with our new initiative, HistoriCorps Institute. The grant provides enough funding for HistoriCorps to open an East Coast office and to hire a Regional Marketing and Administrative Manager to support the HistoriCorps Institute director. The grant comes on the [...]

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Rourke Ranch volunteers encounter million-year history of site

Our HistoriCorps team just finished up work at Rourke Ranch, and what a week it was! From April 25 to May 1, more than twenty volunteers camped out in the National Comanche Grasslands and restored the historic Rourke Ranch. Last summer, strong winds blew the roof off a storage building and another structure, a log stable [...]

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Forest Lodge on television!

Check out the great news piece that Wisconsin's WJFW Newswatch 12 aired recently.  Daryl Dean, of the USDA Forest Service, spoke to the WJFW anchor about past Forest Lodge projects and encouraged future volunteers to sign up for this year's project. The video can be found online via this link.

New York Times article features Buffalo Peaks project

Pick up the May 1 print edition of The New York Times because the Travel section features HistoriCorps and the work we did last year on Buffalo Peaks Ranch!  Buffalo Peaks volunteer and freelance writer Allison Amend wrote a great article about just what it's like to work on a HistoriCorps project, focusing on the [...]