Field Staff Spotlight: Kat Weisbecker

Our first project of the season was at Death Valley this year, and who better to lead the crew than one of our favorites, Kat Weisbecker? Kat has been working for HistoriCorps as a crew leader for just one year now but she quickly became known for her delicious camp cooked meals and her hard work [...]

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Crew Leader Spotlight: Annemarie Balfe

Annemarie Balfe is a HistoriCorps newbie. Her very first HistoriCorps volunteer project was at Forest Lodge this past summer. After showing exceptional skill and patience at her second project, Black River Harbor, we gave her a call and asked her to be a crew leader for the remainder of the season. Annemarie accepted, and she quickly [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Dominic Ruffalo

Get to know Dominic Ruffalo, who has been helping restore historic buildings with HistoriCorps since last year. Dominic is one of the younger members of our teams, having recently graduated college. He has high aspirations and hopes that his time spent on projects will help him land a job in the restoration field. His work is invaluable [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Bobby Joe Evans

Bobby Joe Evans has been volunteering with HistoriCorps projects for the past five years now. He lives in Colorado and is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, but his volunteering has taken him all over the USA. His first project was on Handy Chapel in 2011 and this year, Bobby has lent a hand at Boettcher Mansion [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Althea Wunderler-Selby

Althea is a recent graduate with a degree in history and anthropology from Vermont's Green Mountain College who lives and works in Newport, Rhode Island. The East Coaster discovered HistoriCorps just this year and enjoyed her first experience at Rourke Ranch so much that she signed up for two more projects this summer (Grouse Ridge and [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Maggie Stitzel

Meet Maggie Stitzel, a student through the HistoriCorps Institute. She just completed volunteer restoration work at both Greer Mill and Neosho School. Maggie has been described as an integral part of any team she's on, constantly throwing herself into whatever task she is assigned and always ready to learn more. Having never done hands-on restoration [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Rachael Bray

No matter the weather conditions, HistoriCorps has always been able to count on Rachael Bray to volunteer. Snow, torrential rain, floods and high temperatures have never stopped Rachael from venturing out to participate in a HistoriCorps project. Her drive and dedication to preservation have impressed both staff and fellow volunteers alike. Rachael has attended four [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Dan Perry

Dan Perry, one of HistoriCorps’ most enthusiastic supporters, has volunteered for three consecutive seasons, joining us at the Tobasco Cabin in 2012, the Golconda Mining Complex in 2013, and the Dawson Cabin in 2014. Before moving to Greeley, CO to run the Greeley Museum System, Dan worked as the Chair of the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Allen and Ruth Ann White

Dynamic husband-and-wife team Allen and Ruth Ann make “giving back” a central part of their lives. Working with the Forest Service’s Passport in Time program since the mid 90’s, the Whites are especially drawn to volunteer opportunities involving history and the outdoors. Allen remarked, “For years, I was able to hike on trails maintained by [...]

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Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Unger & Megan Potter

When Amy Unger (left) and Megan Potter (right) register for a HistoriCorps project, we know that the project is in good hands. For the past two years, Alma, Colorado residents Amy and Megan have eagerly participated in every HistoriCorps project they could get their hands on, a total of 6 projects to date. This season, [...]

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